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We have an exhaustive list of references on request, for the biomass, but also in other fields such as the following:

Biomass - Hydraulics - Geothermal energy – Heat pumps – Wind power – Thermal solar power – Photovoltaic power – "Fatal” energy recovery



Prime Contractor for :


. LES RÉSIDENCES YVELINES - ESSONNE (Action Logement) : Works follow-through task (Works Management and Restricted call for tenders) in Magny les Hameaux for six lifts of the residential building at Square de la Barrerie and for seven lifts in the residence at Square de la Cure..
. DOMAXIS (Action Logement) : Follow-through of improvement works (Works Management and Restricted call for tenders) in Franconville for ten lifts in residential buildings:  Hotel trade, Woods, Voute and Linandes, and follow-through of Works Management and Restricted call for tenders and Public-private authorisation for one apparatus at 6 Rue Jean Moulin. Assistance to the switchover between the installer, Schindler;

. HAUTS DE SEINE HABITAT : Complete prime contractor service (639 lifts) as part of major works or major repairs (Diagnostic/ AVP/ PRO/ Distributed computing environment/ ACT/ DET/ Restricted call for tenders/ File of executed works).

. CAEN HABITAT : Prime contractor (97 pieces of equipment) for the Audit, preparation, launching and follow-through of works to raise to conformity and modernise (works call for tenders)..

. OPH MONTREUILLOIS (93):  Prime contractor (276 pieces of equipment) for Preparation, launch and follow-through of works to raise to conformity and modernise (works call for tenders)..

BRENNUS HABITAT : Follow-through of DET works and Restricted call for tenders for 40 lifts on residential buildings in Sens..

References of Assistant to the Contracting Authority in maintenance engineering and operation follow-through:

RIVP (Real estate Agency for the city of Paris) : Framework agreement of Assistant to the Contracting Authority on the fleet of lifts, automatic parking garage closures and access to buildings (DIA/AVP/PRO/Public contract authorisation/OPR/DET/IPD/AEA/analysis of estimates not including contract list of unit prices, etc.).

. LES RESIDENCES (EX OPIEVOY) (78) :  Assistant to the Contracting Authority for management of the fleet of lifts and automatic doors equipping the group’s various residential facilities.  General assistance, special assistance and follow-through of major works (161 lifts and 120 automatic doors).

. HAUTS DE SEINE HABITAT :  Best Energies conducts studies of opportunity and feasibility of recourse to Renewable and Recovery Energies and provides prime contractor services for these projects:  wood-fired heating systems, cogeneration, wind power, solar power, geothermal power, etc..

. OPH MONTREUILLOIS (93) :  Assistant to the Contracting Authority for the audit (276 lifts), development and setting up the maintenance contract (follow-through and monitoring)

. DOMAXIS (Action Logement) :  Follow-through and monitoring of maintenance contracts (149 lifts)

. ANTIN RESIDENCES, SA HLM : Follow-through and monitoring of maintenance contracts (211 lifts - 76 residential units)

. PAX PROGRES PALLAS, SA HLM :Follow-through and monitoring of maintenance contracts (250 lifts)

. 3 VALLÉES, SA HLM : Follow-through and monitoring of maintenance contracts (400 lifts)

. OPHLM DE PUTEAUX  :   Assistance for monitoring and surveillance of the complete maintenance contract with remote surveillance works and renovation works of the entire fleet (206 lifts).



Prime Contractor :


. CRE III ORLEANS (45) :  Prime Contractor for construction of cogeneration systems from biomass fuels (5 MWe and 25 MWth) in Orleans La source) in the framework of the French Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) CR3 call for tenders / Branching from a super-heated water network.
. SOFLEX :Prime Contractor for urban heating switchover to naturel gas with construction of a biomass heating system and revamping of cogeneration and Extension of a heating network over s 5 km at Fleury les Aubrais.
. ARGEVAL NETWORK : Construction of a biomass wood/gas 2 MW heating system (7 MW in all) and extension of the heating network.
. BASF INDUSTRIAL SITE : Construction of a 3.3 MWe cogeneration plant supplying the heating network of the industrial site.
. CERGY  - CYEL NETWORK (95) :  Study for creation of a cold network.

. CTY OF SAINT PIERRE DES CORPS (37) : Prime Contractor in the context of heat network investment works of Saint Pierre des Corps.

. MIN DE RUNGIS (94) :  Prime Contractor:  hydraulic separation between the household waste incineration plant and the power plant, installation of 40 MW exchangers.

. CITY OF LES ULIS (91) :  Prime Contractor installing expansion joints on the urban heating network.

. DOMAXIS SA D'HLM (78): Prime Contractor for renovation of Bois de l’Etang residential heating system.

CITY OF ARGENTEUIL (95) : Thermal study RT 2012 and project Prime Contractor.

References as Assistant to the Contracting Authority for creation of DSP heating networks or private network: 

PRINCIPALITY OF ANDORRA : Prospective study of thermal needs in the territory and definition of connection scenarios to the future geothermal heating network.

. CITY OF CHARLEROI (BELGIUM) :   Study of opportunity for creation of a heating network.

. CITY OF AUMONT AUBRAC (48) :   Technical, legal and financial feasibility study for installation of an automatic wood heating system with a heating network service town buildings.

. CITY OF SAINT JEAN DE MAURIENNE (73) :   Study of opportunity and feasibility for creation of a heating network on its territory to supply the town and inter-city buildings, and propose an offer to private buildings with a synthesis of available resources.

. CITY OF D'ANGERS (49) : Assistant to the Contracting Authority for implementing delegated operation for a new biomass power plant  (10 MW) having evolved toward 7 MWe and 25 MW Th CRE III biomass cogeneration, and conversion of the existing (48MW) system to gas, and its impacts on the urban heating system.

. CITY OF MONTAUBAN (82) :  Assistant to the Contracting Authority for creation of a biomass-base heating network (DSP) (3.5 MW wood).

. LA SET (37) : Assistant to the Contracting Authority for generating a feasibility study for a wood heating network in the commercial activities zone (ZAC) of Hauts de Montlouis.



Expertise :

 . Commissioning and retro-Commissioning : For many rehabilitations and new constructions, usually in relation with equipping with Renewable and Recoverable Energy solutions.

. Malfunction audit : Technical assistance related to complex technical concepts – search for design errors or causes of mishaps, definition of palliatives corrective solutions.

. Label and energy Renovation studies : For many lessors and promoters.

. Maintenance organisation consulting for industrial sites consuming energy    Household waste incineration, Urban heating systems, Industrial laundries, etc.

. Reliability studies  : Failure mode, effects and criticality analysis, RCM, FMCE, ILS - diagnostic of inconsistencies in maintenance systems.

. Maintenance organisation consulting : curative/preventive maintenance procedures and methods, Development of maintenance supports:  Redaction of supports, training, implementation.


Consulting :

. Assistant to the Contracting Authority for procuring the Energy savings certificate (CEE)

. Assistant to the Contracting Authority for an Energy performance contract : Icf Group (75), Habitat 76 (76), City of Honfleur (76), City of Nevers (58), Opievoy (78), City of Vauhallan (91), City of Autun (71), General council of La Cote D’or (21), Versailles Habitat (78), City of Chateau Renault (45), City of Saint Pierre Des Corps (37).

. HQE and Renewable Energies consulting : Logial (94), City of Saint Pierre des Corps (37), Antin Résidences (75), Immobilière 3F (75), Ophlm of Joinville le pont (94), Icf Atlantique (37).

.  Energy audit  of condominiums, major corporations, Regulations, the Environment and energy mastery agency

. Carbon Analysis : Various private companies and social lessors.

Training modules often dispensed :

. On Renewable Energies and wood energy.

. On key elements of hot and cold networks.

. Bases for operating high-power wood heating plants (> 750 kW).

.  Initiation in maintenance of wood heating systems.

. On energy wood heating of low and high power and dimensioning Heating Networks

. Mastery and optimisation of operation contracts.



From a few to a few hundred megawatts (400 MW), Best Energies provides design, project management and implementation of your energy production plants (Electricity, Heat, Steam, Cold):  collective heating plants, household waste incineration, cogeneration, Renewable Energies (biomass, solar, wind, geothermal), industrial steam, networks (heating networks, drinking water, public lighting).

From the opportunity analysis up to start-up of industrial service, including improvement of industrial organisation and reliability studies, our experts meet your needs in terms of efficient solutions for optimising construction and production activities meeting our clients’ technical, financial, environmental and regulatory constraints.

All our references in the following various fields are available on request:

 Assistant to the Contracting Authority : Hot and cold networks – Public lighting – Geothermal power – Wind power, etc

 Prime contractor :  Cogeneration (biomass, gas) – Heating (gas, biomass, steam) – Incinerator with increased energy value, etc

 Service start-upCogeneration – Combined cycle - Biomass - Steam – Incinerator – Wind power – Geothermal power - Oil and Gas



On the strength of our experience with more than 30 pools, we have developed special expertise for the Contracting Authorities and managers of pools and nautical centres in matters of: 

- Operations (energy and environmental audit and diagnostic aimed at reducing energy consumption, water and treatment products, and maintenance)

- Techniques (chloramines, water treatment, air treatment, technical audit, heat production) by the definition of renovation programmes and Prime Contractor for modernisation or design works,
- Management mode (assistance for switchover from public service delegation or from an operating contract for total or partial outsourcing or an energy performance contract),

- Monitoring performance (energy, water).

Prime Contractor :

. LISSAC (19) Nautical base for the City of Brives:  Prime contractor for wood heating system, thermal rehabilitation of the nautical base 
. ÉTABLES SUR MER (22) Community of Sud Goëlo towns:  Prime Contractor for wood heating
. GUER (56)  : Prime Contractor for wood heating
. LIGER - LOCMINÉ (56) : Prime Contractor for wood heating
. PLÉLAN LE GRAND (35) : Prime Contractor for installation of a Heat Pump

. LE HAVRE (76)  4 pools for the HVAC batches and water treatment of the basins (renovation of air treatment plant heating systems, chlorination, heat pump installation).

. CORTE (2B) for HVAC batches and basin water treatment 

. GAGNY (93)  for HVAC batches and basin water treatment (including dechloramination)

. HONFLEUR (14)  for HVAC batches and basin water treatment of Honfleur (including heat pump on recover of heat on the water renewal)

. PARAY-VIEILLE POSTE (91) Nautical centre, for HVAC and basin water treatment batches

BOLBEC (76)  : energy diagnostic and APS HVAC and water treatment

. CAUDEBEC EN CAUX (76)  : energy diagnostic and basic plan of HVAC and water treatment

. LILLEBONNE (76)  : energy diagnostic and basic plan of HVAC and water treatment

NOTRE DAME DE GRAVENCHON (76)  : energy diagnostic and basic plan of HVAC and water treatment

CLICHY-SOUS-BOIS (93) : Prime Contractor for basin water treatment.

Assistant to the Contracting Authority for operation and maintenance (heating, sanitary hot water and water treatment): 

. Nautical complex of Trouville sur Mer (14)
. Pool of Saint Pierre des Corps (37)
. Pool of  Longjumeau (91)
. Pool of  Boulogne-Billancourt (92)
. Pool of  Luchon (31)
. Pool of  Roissy en France (95)
. Pool of  Gagny (93)
. Pool of  Bagneux (92)
. Pool of  Nogent le Rotrou (28)
. Pool of  Launaguet (31)
. Sourthern side of Greater Paris (Paris Sud) (91)


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