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For social and private lessors :

  • Assistance in the development and implementation of thermal facility operation performance contracts:  Energy Performance Contract (EPC), Design Manufacture and Maintenance (DMM), P1/P2/P3 contract, etc.

  • Operation monitoring and follow-up:  Monitoring of operating conditions, Tracking of energy performance and meeting contractual objectives, pertinence of Major Overhaul and Renovation Actions

  • Engineering for construction of renewable energy production facilities:  Biomass, Geothermics, Thermal solar energy, Photovoltaic solar power, Anaerobic digestion, Wind power, Recycling of waste energy by heat pumps or hot-cold thermal pumps

  • Real asset audit energy audit

  • Assistance in the development of Strategic Energy Asset Plans (SAEP):  multi-annual plans to improve and modernise;

  • Assistance in implementing savings actions:  renegotiation of urban heating subscription policies, assembly of "Energy Saving Certificate" file, implementation of gas or electricity purchase contract,

  • Prime contractor for carrying out energy renovation works,

  • Prime contractor over the entire energy chain (heating, network, sub-stations, individual heaters, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.),

  • Commissioning of new facilities, in particular solar and biomass,

  • Expert appraisal and Audit of pathology on facilities.

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