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Technical Audit in the search of pathology on industrial steam production facilities pertaining to the process and functioning of the heating of the premises of the Yposkesi Laboratory with recommendations for works.

The mission’s object will concern the technical batch pertaining to industrial steam production.

Preparation and coordination of project service start-up by our subsidiary Exoceth.

• Technical review of engineering documents.

• Critical analysis of technical solutions retained.
• Technical assistance in the use of the facility simulation results on a simulation platform.

• Coordination of facility service start-up.

Prime contractor in the context of installing a gas cogeneration unit of 3.3 MW :

• Optimisation of return temperatures from the whole site in order to set up the cogeneration unit.

•  APD study then piloting of administrative procedures.

•  Hydraulic simulation (PFD) for determining the connection mode.

•  Writing of the Potential contractor consultation dossier (“DCE”).

•  Planning of works and industrial service start-up.


Combined gas cycle power plant - Cycofos and Combigolfe (13)

Supervision of the operation in test phase:  assistance for discharging functional reservations and operational management, analyse of incidents and functional follow-through.

EDF 600 MW coal power plant - Cordemais (44) and Le Havre (76)

Technical supervision and training the operator:  coordination of service start-up, supervision of outside participants, functional and performance tests.

Prime contractor for heating system renovation works and heating networks as well as creation of instantaneous ECS production on the Corbeil Essonne rail station site (91).

Assistance to the instructing party for replacement and addition of air conditioning at various sites in France.



Assistance analysing the final tender of COFELY and negotiation of economic terms for construction, supply of steam and maintenance in the context of assistance to the instructing party.

• DCE study, generation of an APS and cost estimate.

• Participation in negotiation meetings.


Results:  Decreased cost of ton of steam, securitisation of production

Worksite management of the new dairy works of Arguenon as part of assistance to the instructing party.

• Organisation and piloting, with the Prime Contractor, of service start-up of the plant utilities.

• Validation of results obtained with regard to the control specifications (quality, quantity, etc.).

• Piloting of works to extend and modify the sites.

Ships : « Meraviglia », « Harmony of the seas » and « Symphony of the seas »

Technical assistance in electro-technical tests by Exoceth:

Verification of plans, compliance of facilities.

Tests then service start-up of facilities per the procedures.

• Verifications of facilities and management of dysfunctions.

• Generation of a written manual for operating the facilities.

• Technical advisor’s role.


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